Wireguard DOES NOT WORK with Windows 7

Hi friends, I cannot give up on the idea that wireguard cannot work on windows 7 x64, I use a GL.inet AR750S ext device in cascade to my vodafone station router. with OpenWrt firmware 18.06.1. The configuration of my WG server is as follows:

The wireguard client on windows 7 x64 is the following:


I can't understand why once the wireguard network is activated on my client shortly after a few minutes the network goes into lockout, the only way to restart it is to DISABLE and REACTIVATE the wireguard network.

Anyone know how to recommend some parameter to configure on LIGHTS to ensure that the connection does not go into block?
On my vodafone station I opened the UDP 51820 port while on the AR750S device there is something that I have to configure under the STATIC ROUTES item from the moment I use a static configuration without DHCP?

Vodafone Station :
Gateway Vodafone Station

AR750S ext :
Gateway AR750S :




There's none listed, you're not even using Wireguard once connected.

You can't use DHCP on Wireguard.

This is not a Public IP address.

Can you show a diagram instead?

Lastly, your config file is wrong...where did that file name come from?

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This isn't a standard way of configuring wireguard on the router -- it should be in the /etc/config/network file. I'm not sure you even have WG working properly.

Is the AR950S acting a a 'server' to which the windows system is connecting as a 'client' (so for example, the AR950S at home, windows system in some other location connecting back to your AR950S via wireguard)?

Also, You may want to upgrade to 18.06.8 or better yet 19.07.3 and then reconfigure.


On the GL.inet AR750S EXT device. the server configuration file is located on / etc / config / wireguard_server. The firmware that I use is the latest version available from the owner, having this router cascaded to the vodafone station router I can't do otherwise.

Here is the / etc / config / network file

Address =
ListenPort = 31253
PrivateKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=

AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = mydns:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 25
PublicKey = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=

Are you using the firmware from gl-Inet? Where did you get the firmware?

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I use the latest version

This is not official OpenWrt. Gl-inet has highly customized their own custom version of openwrt and it does not always behave the same way as the official releases.

You have two options: upgrade to the official OpenWrt builds, or ask in the gl-Inet forums.

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I tried to do the SYSUPGRADE but once the official OPENWRT firmware was installed with the latest version, chaos was created.
I had with the same address both the vodafone interface and the OPEWRT interface, for this reason I preferred to return to the gl.inet version

You can change the address of the lan on openwrt.

The default LAN IP of OpenWrt is

If a user changes that IP in LuCI, this is deliberately designed to ensure that the new IP is accessible by the device after the user applies the change.

If you are confident that the new IP is correct, you have a few options around that. Please refer to page https://openwrt.org/faq/change_lan_ip

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I tried but it didn't work, everything crashed, it's complicated because they are two routers

You must disconnect the other router temporarily while you configure your OpenWrt system.

Did you ask for help on this issue in these forums?

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Ok, I flashed it now I installed OPENWRT OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46.

how should i make the WAN port of my AR750S device address and not
Thank you

Your LAN address simply needs to be unique and in the RFC1918 ranges -- not overlapping with any other ranges such as that of your upstream router, remote networks, or the wireguard addresses.

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my line does not work without the VODAFONE STATION router, my AR750S device can only operate the cascade via the WAN port. How do I connect vodafone station and the ar750s device together?

Previously my Vodafone station was reachable via while AR750S via ..

how do I configure them correctly now?

Just change the LAN address on the AR750S to, leave the WAN interface alone.

Can you draw a diagram of how things are connected (along with the relevant IP addresses) and provide a clear description of what you are trying to achieve?

I don't know how to make a diagram, I try to summarize:

  1. Vodafone Station lan output connected to the WAN port of the AR750S device;

2; Windows 7 notebook connected via lan to the lan port of the ar750s device.7

Currently I have configured the network card of the windows 7 notebook with the following parameters: