WireGuard Connection Status


I have WireGuard up and running, really like it, but ... in webConfigurator, is there a way to have the Peers show as a different state (color?) when connected?


No, not really. The connection is 'stateless,' so it might be a little tricky to implement such a feature. Unlike something like OpenVPN where there is a persistent tunnel established, there is no real process for starting and stopping the connection. I suppose it would be possible with a simplistic approach: show a color when there is active data transfer between the peers, and hold that color until some a timeout expires with no new packets being sent or received.

you would probably need to log this feature request with the maintainers of the WG package on OpenWrt.


Well a "state" could be based if there is a handshake received within the configured time.


Yeah, that's where I was going with the timeout.

But from an actual network protocol level, WireGuard is stateless. OpenVPN is stateful, so it is easy to setup an indicator that says "a tunnel has been established" and then turn the indicator off when the tunnel is torn down or appears to have been dropped.

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Agreed! That's what I was thinking as well - the handshake is recurring, some interval => use that to flag (color code) it? No biggie, just a thought.