Wireguard-companion script to administer your wireguard tunnels

When you are using a VPN you sometimes want to switch between different VPN tunnels (endpoints) or the WAN.

Using PBR is the preferred solution, with PBR you can create multiple tunnels with different endpoints and make e.g. different SSID's and IP ranges with different endpoints.

Switching the client to use a different IP address or SSID will let you switch between endpoints.

However this is not always possible/feasible and you might want to switch tunnels on the router itself.

You can of course login and use Luci, but I created a little menu driven shell script to easily switch WireGuard tunnels on the router from the command line.

If you use an SSH client with key login. which lets you execute a command on logon you can have an app like experience to easily switch tunnels on the router e.g. from your phone/tablet/desktop.

I use Connectbot on my Android phone and with one button click the menu opens:

If you think this is useful for you then you can download this wireguard-companion script from my GitHub, install instructions are included:

Have fun :blush: