Wireguard client while being an access point?

Hey, I would like to achieve the following setup:

Main Router
├─────── OpenWRT router (dhcp off, Wireguard client) ── Secondary devices
└─────── Other devices

  • Main router should provide internet to devices directly connected to it
  • Main router should be the dhcp server
  • OpenWRT router should host a Wireguard client, the Secondary devices should only have net access through this
  • Secondary devices should still be able to access the whole local network ("Other devices")

Would this setup be possible?

This is possible, but you need to be able to hand out a different gateway address to the 'secondary devices' as compared to the 'other devices' -- most DHCP servers do not have the ability to do this.

If your DHCP server cannot do this (likely), you can manually configure your secondary devices to point to the appropriate gateway, or you can setup your OpenWrt router as a separate subnet and then allow routing between the two networks.