Wireguard client (torguard) on a third cascading network!

hi all
my setup is as follows:

  1. modem(ISP)[]
  2. tplink wr-940n [] running ddwrt /wired from modem lan to router wan
  3. tplink wa701nd [] connected as a wireless client

now the above setup works fine without wireguard..if i add the wireguard interface on Router #3 its either ignored and its clients are routed through the normal wan(no vpn), or if i tinker with the the firewall interzone forwarding clients can't connect to the internet at all.

i've read through many topics here and elsewhere on wireguard and vpn, but none had my three network setup. i think my problem lies in static routes between the 3 devices but i can't figure it out.

if someone could spare some time and explain how to get this done i'd be grateful..

Static routes on router 3 to use Internet ( and on WG should work. Then all traffic on router 3's LAN should use torguard.

This seems like a simple daisy chained routers downstream, nothing complex - unless I missed soemthing.

Try explicit routes for your internal subnets and reserve the default route for WireGuard-intended traffic.

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thanks guys..is there anything that needs to be done on either the modem or router #1?

  • A modem should just be a modem, so no.
  • The router in the middle is like any other router, so no.
  • There's no IP conflicts with router 3, so no.
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