Wireguard Client Setup Trouble

Im trying to install a my wireguard vpn as a client in openwrt so all the traffic from the devices that are connected to my wrt3200acm to can be routed into the vpn but when I try to my vpn on my openwrt router wireguard is now asking me to enter a public key. But I only need to enter the private key in the section I screenshotted. Photo below. The I would configure the public key in the peers tab on wireguard.
any ideas on how to fix this I followed this guided but it doesn't seem right. Guide below

Click Here For Guide I Followed

Thanks Everyone.

  • Tucker Eck

Please don't expect people to watch random guides you followed on YouTube. The documentation for OpenWrt is in the Wiki: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/wireguard/start

That said: If you set it up the first time, you can just click on "Generate new key pair" and copy the created public key to your peer.