Wireguard and udptunnel ? Any expirience on WG over TCP/443?

Seems to be the most reliable path to bypass firewalls, theoretically.
Any practical expirience ?

just works


just works

do you actually use it? care to share your setup?

because i've tried it and it doesn't work
even more, according to the udptunnel documentation, it isn't supposed to work - it explicitly says:

It does not support request/response-style traffic, in which a client request is sent from a transient port X to a well-known port Y, and the server's response is returned from port Y to port X.

when udptunnel server is started, it actually tries to bind on both specified tcp and udp ports, so you cannot specify the port where your wg is listening

i really hope i misunderstood something and you are not dropping your "just works" only because you think it just works

thank you for your help

I was using udptunnel from this source https://github.com/rfc1036/udptunnel - that is important as I've seen other program with the similar name but different capabilities.
Here is the server side configuration (not OpenWrt though):
udptunnel -S --server -v
51820 is a default UDP port WG server listens on
12345 is a TCP port that is exposed to the outside world

Client side tunnel configuration is pretty much the same, something like this:
udptunnel 51820 {server addr}:12345

WG client should talk to instead of the real server ip and port.


i see now
it's just udptunnel in operwrt packages is something different

will try the one you linked, thank you very much!

Hi, did you succeed to tunnel wg via TCP/443 using openwrt ?

yes, once, but the setup started to become too custom and convoluted for "a road warrior" use, and in the end i've dropped it and simply went for openvpn on port 443 for the cases when udp is not available, and wg on another port for the less restrictive networks