WireGuard and PROXY ARP

Given that WireGuard is a layer 3 VPN, it cannot be used on the same subnet similar to OpenVPN's TAP mode.

There is a way to get something similar with proxy ARP though. Anyone have any experience with this?

Proxy ARP is a hack. Why not simply route between the two different subnets?

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The idea is to be able to access local services from the router (eg Samba).

They don't have to be on the same subnet to be reachable. Using the server's IP or hostname to connect will work just fine.

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Nope. Not reachable here.

Adding a static route worked as far as reaching it. I can ping the router. But Samba is not working right. Will investigate.

As long as you need no autodiscovery or something similar, a static route should be sufficient.

Post your samba and network config to get better help.

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Fixed my issue. It was a stupid hosts allowed in smb.conf

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