Wireguard and ipv6 relay mode?

How to configure wireguard and ipv6 relay mode ?
my ipv6 is working normally without wireguard, but since i want to try wireguard, i don't know what to do to make ipv6 working, or is it not possible ?
im using wireguard to connect to cloudflare / warp.

First understand that the address family outside the tunnel does not affect the packets inside the tunnel. Any Wireguard tunnel supports both IPv4 and v6 inside, whether v4 or v6 is being used to transport the outer (encrypted) packets to the server.

Inside the tunnel, Cloudflare's WARP service only gives you one IPv6 address (/128) as it is intended to run on an endpoint client not a router. When run on a router, you will need to NAT6 your LAN(s) into this one IP.