WireGuard Allow routing between clients (How?)

i have a server and 2 clients
it has been a week i tried to connect 2 client through the server.
Packets go beetwin server networks and clients but not beetwin clients
What did i missed ?
all networks are defferent

22.0/24 server (9.1/32)

33.0/24 client 1 (9.2/32)
44.0/24 client 2 (9.3/32)

LAN and VPN in one firewall zone on server and clients

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client should other clinets as peer in their config file too

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Add each client subnet to the allowed IPs in the respective peer on the server.

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I just got it works!! finaly!
i just had to add client 1 vpn ip to client 2 allowed IPs
adn client 2 vpn ip to client 1 allowed IPs

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Allowed IPs
on client1 -server subnet - server vpn IP -client2 subnet - client2 vpn IP
but i dont understand why i cant just type instead

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This is an implementation of a star network topology using WireGuard:

# server - VPN - LAN
# server_peers > client1 > allowed_ips
# server_peers > client2 > allowed_ips

# client1 - VPN - LAN
# client1_peers > server > allowed_ips

# client2 - VPN - LAN
# client2_peers > server > allowed_ips

But i really dont understand why i cant add on server in peer but
but on clent i can use 24 mask

Both clients connect to the same server simultaneously.
They should be declared with non-overlapping ranges.
This is required to avoid routing collisions.

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