Wireguard Advice

Hello everyone, sorry for probably asking a really silly question, but I'm after a bit of advice if I can... I'm in the market for some VPN protection for a couple of devices on my network, but Im wondering if I should just run wireguard at router level or get a per device vpn?

Im considering the wireguard option as it is supposedly the quickest vpn to retain as much of my 80/20 vdsl connection as possible. However would openwrt allow me to have certain devices go through the vpn, and other devices not? Or is it an all or nothing kind of affair?

My set up is modem, into a rpi4b with Openwrt, then into a 8 port tplink switch, one port of which has a wireless AP connected. Ideally I'd like some wired and some wireless devices to be using the VPN.

Yes, it can.
Check pbr package

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