Wireguard adding second device (android)


awhile ago I installed wireguard on my Openwrt router and my Android phone.
I used the manual from 'http://chrisbuchan.co.uk/computing/wireguard-setup-openwrt/' which worked fine.
Because I want to use a second phone, also Android, I want to add this second phone to my existing configuration without breaking up the existing config.
I'm a bit scared to just start somewhere in the middle of a manual so my question is, how can I add a second device to an existing WireGuard configuration?

Thank you for your help.

Greetings Tom

  • Generate second key
  • Create second peer
  • Assign new IP in subnet

(The process is literally the same.)

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thank you. I'll have a look later on.

First I have to install my 'new' satellite internet system.

Greetings Tom

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