Wireguard & adblock - slow DNS resolving speed

Hello, I have Nanopi R2S running OpenWRT latest snapshot build. For some time, I have been using OpenVPN, but I recently decided to migrate to Wireguard (due to its better performance - OpenVPN had troubles keeping up with the speed required to watch IPTV subscription channels over VPN connection). My internet connections speeds improved significantly, there is no sttutering when watching the IPTV stream, etc. The only problem is slow DNS resolving speeds. When I use my Windows 11 computer and Wireguard&adblock, it take seconds for some pages to be resolved. If I pause the adblock on OpenWRT router, the DNS resolving speeds are fine. I do not experience the same slowdown when I use computers in my local network (even with adblock enabled). Any ideas how to improve DNS resolving speed when browsing through Wireguard tunnel with the adblock turned on. Thank you, regards, Klemen.

Consider trying adblock-lean.

Thank you, I setup adblock-lean as you suggested. It is much faster than adblock.

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