Wired only Home Router Recommendation

Hi, I would like to have your help with choosing a router for home usage.

I need something that has no Wireless in it. The device need to be able to get grounded. I need prefer to have 3-4 Ethernet ports if I don't want to get myself a switch too. I have only 100Mbits but I might upgrade it later so I don't wish to limit myself there too much.

I'm moderately knowledgeable about Unix desktop computers. E.g. I'm used to work to some extent with the terminal. I'm poor with networking.

Location: Europe, Need to have a Type F plug.

What it needs to have:
100 Mbits
3-4 Ethernet ports
NO WiFi at all
NO Bluetooth
NO Smart Devices

What I prefer it to have:
Higher than 100Mbits, max 1GB
VPN could be fun
1 USB port for what if situations
4 Ethernet ports.

Budget: 100€

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To keep this thread focused, we will not discuss the validity of emf sensitivity claims and theory.

I would recommend the er-x as a good wired only router that has a metal chassis that can be grounded. It is a well supported device with openwrt.

You can always turn off wireless is any wifi device, too, but many of the devices with integrated WiFi are plastic and will not be easy to connect to ground.

To be clear, this thread is only considered on-topic in this forum if the intent is to use an openwrt supported router.


minimal spec(plan <5y service life)

recommended spec (5..10)

usb port for printer or small storage server.

you see you directly save on radio devices youd disable anyway.
other manufacturers also have such router-only series.


There are many router only options but they are usually enterprise solutions that are out of the price range.

Okay: I take that back.

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Asking because i don’t know the details of that ‘Tik device - can it be grounded? Iirc, those have plastic cases and therefore would not meet the OP’s request for a device that can be earthed/grounded. Maybe they have a metal internal chassis and grounding screw terminal??

Need three prongs to ground electronics, and I'm not just speaking of short grounding.

:spiral_notepad:But the Armed Forces wrap drones in copper tape to protect them from <nuclear level EMPs, so If it works for the army...

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'tik grounds only poe-out devices, characterized by metallic ethernet socket and the ground screw, usually rack-mountable or din-mountable outdors. But ill leave this be for being in a very sweet price range. I think same consideration about PoE is valid for ubiquiti.


Has a metal case.


Was going to recommend the TP-Link ER605v2 as well.
Works fine so far, but no longterm experience.

Initial installation is a bit more tricky, but doable.

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Of course! That's the why I asked for a rec the way I did. I thought I needed to preempt questions why not WiFi. To properly explain what my priority was in my request.

Do you mean Is EdgeRouter X by ex-r? I assume you meant that one.

Thank you! Looks like a popular choice. I checked the installation Github page and it looks kinda intimidating. Is it okay to just blindly follow that tutorial?

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Just to explain process - you install minimal openwrt from OEM software, then use that to "upgrade" to full OpenWRT

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Thank you both for your explanation and your recommendation. I appreciate it!

The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, also known as the ER-X.

It’s a small 5 port router device with a built in switch and a a metal case.

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Just a slight warning about ER-X, recently it fell out of support by the latest snapshots, because of the 3 Mb kernel size limitation in the original flash layout.

But there is work being done, to bring back support:


My PR to move ER-X to 6MB kernel partition is ready for review/merging, so hopefully shouldn't be too long until this is resolved and snapshots return.


I had to replace my generic ISP router by one that is fast enough to keep up with the 1Gbit bandwidth. I bought a HSIPC Celeron N4120 Quad Core Firewall Micro Appliance with 128G SSD and 8G of RAM. It has 4 ethernet ports, 2.5G and works perfect with the generic OpenWrt for intel 64bit.

While the PC-Engines APU 2 may not fit your feature list, there are a number of other alternatives in this thread
Tips for getting cheap used x86-based firewall with full Gbit NAT (a PC Engines APU) if you are in the US - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum

I've been a happy user of EdgeRouter X for 8 years. Was the discoverer and first person publishing on Internet its 500/500 limitation in EdgeOS software.

I'm surprised (since not in the loop for one) and glad that TP-Link released a similar little device. Basically all the EdgeRouter X / Mikrotik Hex / ER605v1/v2 are based on the same MT7621 MediaTek platform and targeting the same market segment.

The design of ER605v2 is lovely. $69 on amazon.com isn't unreasonable. Elsewhere seems closer to $100. Tier 1 Chinese vendors seem trying hard to move up the value chain in both service & price..

For $100 and if you could wait for OpenWrt support to be mature, Banana Pi R4 is a much more capable and flexible platform. The baseline config is essentially a wired router.

I may misunderstand the whole grounding bit, but I find the ER-X has an advantage of being able to be powered by passive PoE which may help with placement.

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