Wired bridge? What do I need and how to do it?

Router #1 Zyxel Keenetic 2 with keenetic OS, it has LTE modem and internet.
Router #2 is D-Link DIR-300, it has OpenWRT.

I want to connect Router #1 and Router #2 with CAT 5e cable, and I want Router #2 to be on same subnet as Router #1. Is that doable? Can you give me link to guide or explain to be the gist of it, if it's something simple?

Then, after I connect Router #2 to Router #1 and Router #1 has the DHCP server, I want to just create WiFi network with same SSID and password as on the main router, so that clients can roam when they go from one room to another. I also want DHCP on Router #1 to give out IPs, because I want this WiFi network to also be on same subnet as Router #1. Is that possible?

Please refer to https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/dumbap


Router #2 is very outdated WiFi n 1x1 hardware, looks like you have already missed at least 5 years of OpenWRT updates and important security fixes, as the old hardware cannot run newer releases anymore. LEDE V17?

There is also a chance that the current documentation does not match the old version anymore in some details. You might need to improvise, if the descriptions does not fully match your older GUI.

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