Wire-to-wire switch configuration on "wan" port

I followed this guide (LuCI method) to setup my device.
It works great, however, on step 15 it is mentioned that I cannot use eth0/wan port but eth1-4 to connect the main router with the device. And truly, when I tried to connect it using eth0 port it didn't work.

I would like to use the eth0 port to connect it to the router. How can I configure that in LuCI?


This depends on your device. What device are you using? Is there a switch page (Network > Switch)? If so, please post a screenshot of it.

I cannot find Network > Switch.
Device is ubiquiti er-x

That chipset now uses a DSA kernel so there is no switch config page. Instructions that you may find that refer to switch configuration do not apply to newer versions of OpenWrt.

In DSA, ports can be used directly in configurations by their names eth0-eth4 the same as marked on the case. This is a bit confusing since in most other routers the ports are named lan1 to lan4 and wan. The difference is only of naming.

To run all the ports on the LAN making the router a LAN device (like a dumb AP, but without wifi since there is no wifi hardware) you can just move the eth0 port to br-lan along with all the other ports. Delete the wan and wan6 interfaces (which presently attach eth0) as you don't need them.

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Can you explain how to do that?
I have already deleted the WAN & WAN6 interface as per the guide I followed above and only left with LAN interface.