Wire guard tunnel on mac mini

Hello all,
Full disclosure: I am not super tech savy but can navigate some.
Pandemic sucks - I am having to move out of my physical office and into my house.
I am needing to set up a home network so some of my colleagues can access programs on our server.
Don't shoot me but we use iMacs and a a mac mini server.

I have done a ton of reading and trial and error but after alot of effort I was able to set up the WireGuard tunnel. I was successful in setting it up on my mac mini server and a colleagues computer. It shows green and connected but we can't access the programs on the server and no data is showing its going through.

I think it has something to do with the IP of the ISP and the internal IP of the server but I am not certain. I don't want to go screwing anything up, so......HELP.....lol.

My ISP IP is: 108.16.xx.xx
My server IP is 10.0.xx.xx

This is the current config on the server:

PrivateKey = WE2MdqF+6gbBuXXdU6H1kbZuMJctsl0/cCnXXXXXXX
ListenPort = 51820
Address = 10.0.XX.XX/24

PublicKey = f9ahTkkulG55vwDPPdAHYGVFbWOVSv/Uo1XXXXXXX
AllowedIPs = 10.0.XX.10/24
Endpoint = 10.0.XX.XX:51820

Thank you so so much for anyone that can help me out. Namaste

Is WG running on an OpenWrt device?

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No, at least from what I was told, it wasn't needed on a mac mini server?

Any recs?

Wireguard can run on many platforms, including MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and of course OpenWrt.

This forum site is specifically for OpenWrt. Since it appears that you are not using OpenWrt as your router (and WG peer), you should probably ask this question on a forum that supports WG on other platforms.

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ok, sorry about that again, my IT guy passed from COVID and trying to figure this out. Thanks for helping me navigate this.

Sorry to hear about your loss. It's been a tough time for so many.

We're here and happy to help with OpenWrt based issues, so please feel free to ask questions if/when you're working with OpenWrt.

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Sorry to bug ya but one last question....would OpenWrt be an option for what I want to accomplish and something I could tackle?
There seems to be alot of resources on your forum and been at this for several days...eyes starting to go crazy. lol

Yes, OpenWrt could be a great option -- you'd replace your main router with one that runs OpenWrt, or you could even run OpenWrt behind your main router if you want. You'd need a device that can run this firmware -- there is a long list of supported devices including lots of all-in-one routers and even things like the Raspberry Pi or x86 hardware. Be sure to get one that comfortably supports the latest versions of OpenWrt (21.02, with 22.03 in RC status as of the current writing).

The question about if it is something you can tackle -- this depends on your technical abilities and/or interest in learning. OpenWrt is based on Linux, and it is very flexible. There are a lot of resources both in the forums and the OpenWrt main site (documentation, wiki pages/tutorials).