[WIP] Porting Mikrotik RB2011 to ath79 - testers needed

so this units are a dead end (waste of time). we will better be off with selling them as long as they are still worth a few bucks...

I started porting the device myself after I got one for use in Hamnet from a friend, and only now I noticed this thread. While researching SFP I came to the same conclusion, that DSA is needed indeed, but other than that, I got the switches working. with swconfig. Will take a look at your work, I'd like to have this device supported too.

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Which one?

RB2011UiAS-RM, to be exact. With LCD.

Oh I have that and RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN and the RB2011iLS

I got most parts of the device working, save for SFP, which doesn't set link up - the transceiver itself probes, and USB port (on which USB root hub fails to probe), and obviously, the display. LEDs are handled by my earlier patch adding LED support to AR8327 swconfig driver. I think it's a little bit closer to upstreaming now.


Due to request on Github, here are my test images:

I'd be grateful for feedback especially regarding wireless, since my unit doesn't have it.


I'll try to take a look at this next week and aid in supporting the sfp and wireless.

This build is working fine now with switch fixed 1gb speed on ports correct.

I`ll do some vlans test on switch tab and see results.

After some tests I got some wrong ports
Lan1 is showing port 05
Lan2 is showing port 01
Lan3 is showing port 02
Lan4 is showing port 03
Lan5 is showing port 04

Okay, I think then SFP port needs to go first in /etc/board.d/02_network, then. Because eth1 is WAN by default.
I haven't dug much into this yet, my focus is to get every device running first.

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Hello Leo, I tried to compile your commit #757190e but faced some problems doing so. My make menuconfig did not provide the target "CONFIG_TARGET_ath79_mikrotik_DEVICE_mikrotik_routerboard-2011uias-2hnd", required to build. When I set


in my .config, compilation works, but there are no binaries created in


I have two rb2011 UiaS v3 devices and would like to try your patches on my device.
Could you give me an advice how to build ? Is it sensible to try them for UiaS anyway, as you made them for the 2HnD version ? As these devices use a " ESMT NAND 128MiB" flash, I never got them working with 19.07, as this chip was not detected by the related kernel correctly.

That's strange...

I'll post my config to the same directory as the images, this should help. I use "multiple devices" and "per-device rootfs" options for my builds, as it is done in upstream builds.
Edit: posted.