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I have a pc with linux ubuntu but also a laptop with windows and I installed the windows ubuntu terminal to try and I use open wrt firmware for my routers and I make my own build. So, now I compiled a build on my windows via the ubuntu terminal and everything is working but I can't find where is the folder?? Idea? Open wrt folder....


Within Ubuntu (WSL) you can copy or move the file to /mnt/c/Users/yourname/Downloads.


and possible to open directly the terminal where we want like we do with linux dist?
I would like to open the terminal in my second hard drive?

thanks, but it is not what I need, cause Im on windows as I wrote, on my debian or ubuntu dist I know where to find my build..

You can try navigating the UNC path \\wsl$\Ubuntu\ or explain in more detail what is wrong.

This should be the same as with the standard ubuntu file structure (using the OpenWrt build directory you downloaded/cloned as your buildroot location):

E.g. if your <buildroot> is ~/source, the binaries are in ~/source/bin/targets/ar71xx/generic and ~/source/bin/packages/mips_24kc.

Same place it would be with regular Linux-- the build root directory/bin/targets/name of the target/name of the subtarget

As @dave14305 said if you want it accessible in the Windows filesystem, move it to /mnt/c. Or you can scp directly out of WSL.

Oh, you want the default starting directory to be different?

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yes I know for the builds but my question was not about where are the factory and sysupgrade builds but where is the complete folder, I mean, when I open the windows ubuntu terminal and I do

git clone
cd openwrt

this is what I wanted to find, finaly I just got it.

just here,


So what you were really asking about was where the files (generally) exist for ubuntu on windows. Not really anything specific to OpenWrt (except that you happened to be using the OpenWrt build system).


ok sorry. thats fine, english is not my first langage

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