Windows Internet Access after sysupgrade.bin

After trying to install miniDLNA, I learned, from this forum, that my OpenWRT firmware is out of date. I performed an upgrade using the sysupgrade.bin.

After some trial and error I was able to restore Internet access to my Debian based desktop computer. (firstboot, reboot, passwd)

The Windows 10 laptop and a generic brand tablet are not able to reconnect to the Internet.

Win10 shows "OpenWRT no Internet, secured". Looking for a solution, there are several and none of them work.

This is not an OpenWRT problem. It is entirely Microsoft's. But I feel it would be prudent to tell people, in big letters, ahead of time, that doing a system upgrade can cause these headaches.

If you have changed the WiFi password it is best to tell Windows to forget the network, then connect to it and configure it as a new connection.

But yes that is a Windows thing.

That has been done 3 or 4 times already. It does not work here.