WIndows 10 & samba problem info

if you have a problem with samba & Windows 10 ( invisible box )

found with openwrt & relay configuration

modify in Services -> Network shares -> Edit Templace

remove all and past & copy this:

	netbios name = |NAME| 
	display charset = |CHARSET|
	interfaces = |INTERFACES|
	server string = |DESCRIPTION|
	unix charset = |CHARSET|
	workgroup = |WORKGROUP|
	browseable = yes
	deadtime = 30
	domain master = yes
	encrypt passwords = true
	enable core files = no
	guest account = nobody
	guest ok = yes
	invalid users = root
	local master = yes
	load printers = no
	map to guest = Bad User
	max protocol = SMB2
	min receivefile size = 16384
	null passwords = yes
	obey pam restrictions = yes
	os level = 20
	passdb backend = smbpasswd
	preferred master = yes
	printable = no
	security = user
	smb encrypt = disabled
	smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
	syslog = 2
	use sendfile = yes
	writeable = yes

I think you are referring to SMBv1/v2 in Windows 10. This has been obsolete for Windws 10 and initially it supports SMBv3+ but anyone can enable the support for v1/v2 in Control Panel > Enable Features.

I am using SMBv1/v2 in Windows 10 with default template and everything works flawlessly. There is no need to change the template unless there is a specific issue that cant be solved otherwise.

The 19.x and snapshot and some community builds have samba4 in it, so Win10/smbv3 will work out of the box.

That is an old ticket !!!

i have sure SMB1 … in Windows 10

i look for compile with SMB4 …

Yes I know that. In fact I have used SMBv4 in my router when I was using custom built snapshots but these days I am using stable builds so no more SMBv4.

test for compile with samba4 and too much big firmware for WT3020-8M !!!

Yeah samba4 is quite a big package, that's why i also work on getting "cifsd" ready as alternative, but its only in snapshots atm. Still needs some more work before i can setup a PR for 19.x, so look out for it in the next months.

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