Windows 10 recognize the wired-LAN as a new network after router reboot

I just flash my netgear R6850 a new firmware OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc4.
I find my windows PC recognize it's wired-LAN as a new network everytime after router reboot, no matter my PC is on or off during the router rebooting. my PC always pop a dialog telling me a new network is accessed.
Can anyone help?

That would suggest the (LAN-) MAC address not being defined correctly and changing between boots (generated randomly in the absence of a fixed MAC address getting extracted and set), please try to confirm this (check the MAC addresses reported by ip a before- and after a reboot). Depending on the device, this might be solvable correctly, or at least locally for you by setting a custom MAC on the LAN address (but if that's the case, please try to get it solved properly for everyone, by fixing the firstboot/ DTS settings).

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