Windows 10 Network Connection Name

In Windows 10, when I open 'Network Connections', the "Local Area Connection" is "BlackStar", which is one of my wireless SSID on a separate dumb APwith the Hostname 'BlackBox3'.

My "Router" has the default HostName configured in System=> System => Hostname
I have "thetardis" configured in Network=> Hostnames. I have looked at each file in etc\config for BlackStar and unable to find BlackStar configured anywhere on my Router (it has no wireless).

Can someone please help me identify where it is getting this value and how I can manage it?

EDIT: just powered off the AP and rebooted the PC, it's still BlackStar

It just keeps the first name it found when it connected to this network.
If you need to get rid of it you'll have better luck asking in windows fora.


Sweet! Thank you!
This post covers it: How to change network names on Windows 10


You're welcome! Feel free to mark the topic as solved .

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