WiMoVE: An Alternative to Broadcast, Unknown-Unicast and Multicast Traffic (BUM) Suppression in Wi-Fi Networks

Hi everyone,

we would like to show you WiMoVE, a scalable Wi-Fi system.

In large Wi‑Fi systems, BUM traffic can take up large amounts of airtime. WiMoVE partitions stations into overlay L2 domains. Overlay L2 domains "follow" the stations, being resized on demand, thus preserving handover while limiting the amount of BUM traffic.

Unlike commercial alternatives, WiMoVE is built with standard network protocols, on top of open‑source technology like OpenWrt, FRRouting and BGP EVPN with VXLAN encapsulation. Checkout our GitHub repository and our documentation to learn more. We are happy to answer questions and receive feedback, so feel free to contact us!

  • Who is "we" and "our"?
  • Is there a [Draft] RFC for this?



we are a group of bachelor students at Hasso-Plattner-Institute. This project is our bachelor project at the chair of professor Holger Karl. If you want to find out more, take a look at our github.
We do not have a draft RFC right now.

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