Will Version 18.06 works with Qualcomm IPQ4019


We are trying to develop with Open-WRT on Qualcomm IPQ4019. Is there anyone know whether Qualcomm IPQ4019 will work with OpenWRT - Version 18.06 with Linux kernel 4.18?

Thank you.

18.06.x has only a rather limited supported life span left (a couple of months at most, it will be archived shortly after the next release) - and 18.06.x ships with kernel 4.14.x, not 4.18.

18.06 has mixed kernel versions with 4.9 and 4.14.

19.07 is built with linux 4.14 thoroughly.

Thanks for the info. Can someone please confirm that 18.06 can work with Qualcomm IPQ4019? The QSDK can only support up to version 15.X. Thanks.