Will not connect to xfinitywifi AP

i have a wavlink WL-WN570HA1 that i managed to get openwrt snapshot installed on and LUCI up and running. sole purpose of this wavlink device is to grab the public xfinitywifi AP at my garage and than repeat it inside. i have a comcast account and the MAC is registered with my account because i had the wavlink connected with its stock stupid buggy firmware. mainly the 5G radio shows the strongest signal with 73% so thats the one i was trying to use. when connect to it in client mode with openWRT it doesnt connect. on the network interfaces table it reports on WWAN2 Error: Network device is not present like the card isnt present or something? not sure whats really going on here and would like some insight if i have openWRT configured wrong.

Post your wireless config files, and the logs when the device tries to connect.

The client radio MAC may not be exactly the same as it was with stock firmware.

I think you also could install the full wpad and do an Enterprise login instead of MAC registered.

so i got it to connect to the "xfinitywifi" open AP but will not bring me to the login gateway. also the MAC is already registered as the my AP has been connected to an "xfinitywifi" open AP before.

i also installed wpad and connected to the "XFINITY" locked broadcast. neither of these gives me internet though they both connect. these are the settings i used below for connecting to the locked "XFINITY" broadcast.
screen grab

Do they really use TTLS / GTC? PEAP with EAP-MSCHAPv2 is the most common standard. An "interesting" thing about EAP is there is no provision for the AP to tell the client what type of authentication to use.

If you really are getting authenticated and connected then you'd next consider the network setup are there IP conflicts?

had strong connection for a few weeks than as of last night it stopped working. it appears im getting an IP from the access point and its communicating from my end to it but no solid connection from the AP back to me.

Screen grab of it connected.

Wondering if this issue was solved by @vwnut8392 or others and if additional details could be provided?