Will LEDE support QAM256, Beamforming and Noise Immunity for QCA devices?

Like what DD-WRT project has.
Especially noise immunity, it's very useful for 2.4GHz clients (some devices like smart outlets only support 2.4GHz).
I switch to LEDE because the weak IPv6 support for DD-WRT, and the 5GHz is not stable when DD-WRT runs on my router.
It's really hard to decide which to use.

use LEDE.

DD-WRT has a totally broken userspace.

If support for it is in ath10k, it should be in LEDE as well. Upstream ath10k is key.

If 5 GHz on DD-Wrt is unstable, it sounds like the decision isn't that hard at all :smiley:


QAM256 is already used in 802.11ac devices.
And for beamforming depends on driver and/or device

Thank you!
Do you know how the noise immunity function works in DD-WRT? I found it can provide 20~30dB SNR in 2.4GHz. I think it's worthy to bring it to LEDE.
On my Linksys EA8500, the IPv6 and 5GHz in DD-WRT could work when you apply the settings, but the modules will automatically turn off after some hours. It's really annoying.