Will an RC install allow updating through opkg to Release?

I currently have a GL.iNet GL-A1300 (Slate Plus, IPQ40XX) running OpenWRT I built a little bit ago (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23769-324673914d).
Since it's a snapshot, I cannot update any packages. Since this device will now be in the official 23.05 release, can I install the release candidate (RC 4 atm) and be on the same mirror list of 23.05 and be able to just update everything through opkg when the final 23.05 is released? And do RC releases include Luci? Thanks

No. You need to use the sysupgrade process to upgrade the firmware (i.e. the kernel and the other core coponents of OpenWrt). You will, however, be able to use opkg without issue to install packages today and into the future because the underlying dependencies of the packages remain consistent.



Ok then I think I will just stay with what I have until 23.05 is released, I am already on that kernel and everything is working. Thank you

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