Wiki: Wi-Fi: still 3 pages with wrong value for hwmode

A nitpick because the pros spot it on the first glance and those examples are more or less dummies. Anyway, it confused me while researching another Wi-Fi option.


The Wiki sections for

show an invalid value for the option hwmode.


With WPA2 Pre-Auth, remove the whole wifi-device because it does not add anything to the example. Same for the option wpa_group_rekey because that has a reasonable default of 600 seconds and there is not explanation (on that Wiki page) why to increase that.

With Wide Area, change its value from 11ng to 11g.

With WPA Modes, I am unsure what to do because I do not know if that statement is correct at all: ‘If the hwmode of the interface is set to ng or na, then the CCMP cipher is always added to the list.’

Beside that: What about linking to WPA Modes at explanation for the option ‘encryption’ on the page Wi-Fi Basic? There are so many new values for that option. They could be linked together.