[wiki] Propose new tag - 802.11s

Hi. I was looking for devices that could be fully 802.11s compliant(has driver and hardware) for a mesh lab i'm doing, and that task was hard to accomplish since there is no 802.11s tag to help.

Could anyone with proper access create this tag? I think it can be very useful for those trying to create mesh networks.

It's a bit more complicated than just the driver, as it also depends on the wireless firmware blob (e.g. the QCA blobs for ath10k wave 1 can do it, the -ct blobs for the same hardware/ driver can't, afaik).


yeah, i have oversimplified my point-of-view.

But that also does not reduces the utility of a 802.11s tag to help those scavenging for devices that have this feature...

It does, however become a support nightmare to “advertise” support for a feature many have no clue what it is, and even less how to configure it. It’s further complicated by consumer manufacturers advertising “mesh” and “extender” somewhat interchangeably. (802.11s and/or IBSS certainly are not the latter).

802.11s is all that matters to me, not IBSS. Your definition may be different.

Basically, 802.11s is supported in most current QCA chip sets, I haven’t checked MediaTek, and is not for Marvell/NXP and not for Broadcom.

Little “scavenging” involved with that.

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