Wiki page "Routed AP", section "IPv6 prefix delegation"

This advice does not look correct to me because:

  • One /64 prefix cannot be split into two /63; actually /64 should not be split further.
  • For the choice of suitable ip6assign values, the prefix size received from upstream should be considered, rather than the previous ip6assign value of the lan interface.

Am I misunderstanding something?

I agreee it is important to check the values of ip6assign, even more so if routers are cascaded (which was not discussed there).

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I agree that the text about ipv6 can be improved.

I also think the title "Routed AP" can be improved. I thought it was some AP mode (ie without wan interface), but it seems to be a router with a separate WiFi network.

Page updated, improvements welcome.

For lack of a better idea, I left the title unchanged.
I understand it emphasizes the difference from the default, bridging AP mode.