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The Wiki mentions packet_steering. However, the ‘type’ of this option is not ‘Packet-Steering’ but ‘boolean’.

Grepping through the latest OpenWrt source code, I found just one check ‘!=1’ which tells me, this is not an integer but a boolean.

This option seems to be limited to one board: mt7621. Not sure if that should be mentioned in the Wiki (or the option even moved somewhere else). Furthermore, that option is rather new; at least I do not find it in the source of OpenWrt 19.07.


  • The type boolean is not consistently used (on that Wiki page); sometimes it is called ‘boolean’, sometimes it is 0|1.
  • The option ula_prefix could be not only a IPv6 prefix but also the value auto.

Editor in charge:


the value can also be used with other board AFAIK

anyway i have fixed the values :wink: tell me if you find other problem


Great. Thanks for clarification!

One more: Those ‘0|1’ instead of ‘boolean’ in the sections config switch_port and config switch? Not sure if that is an issue Wiki wide or just on that particular page.

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i honestly think boolean is better than 0|1 but i think we should ask that to the wiki maintainer.

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Unified the remaining entries.

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