WIKI Navigation & Menus

I am seeing what I believe to be a navigation issue on the WIKI. When I enter the wiki from here I see a blue bar on "Documentation". When I move to another menu item, like Downloads, I see a gray bar while I hover and select. When I release, the selected item remains white, and Documentation is still in Blue. I believe the selected topic should be blue.

While I realize there is a trend to streamlining in Menus, I find this frustrating. While I can see where I am from the title, I have no idea what else is in the section. If I am at the top, I can expand menus to see the "index". I am not sure if this is by design in the WIKI or if the new pages just need to be "generated". I would much prefer to see the expanded menus on the left for the current topic.

Blue bar: I noticed this too, and I don't have an explanation for this.
I have no clue if this is intended behaviour or not. To me, it seems like a bug.

Expanded menus: Not sure what you mean. Can you give an example for what is shown vs. what you expect?

--Quick Start Guide
----Standard Flashing Instructions
---- Another Item 1
------ Sub Item 1
------ Sub Item 2
--User Guide
-----Another Item 2
------Sub Item 3
-- Developers Guide
-----Another Item 3
------Sub Item 4

Generally this maps to the folder hierarchy the the pages are filed under. Not all links in a page report to the hierarchy, but may take the user to a different hierarchy elsewhere in the tree. I realize this was not in OpenWrt and found if really challenging to find what I did not know about. Searching does not work for some terms and not all users know all the terms to search.

It's an expandable index, pretty much like Windows Explorer (file manager) or even the site map.

Loading a page with links only works if one finds the page. (

BTW, can we move documentation up to the top of this menu. I would prefer a user see the documentation before he downloads his firmware.

Imagine you are on
When clicking on "Documentation", you expect to see this:
Focus on the navigation sidebar only.

Is that coming close to what you want?

EDIT: This is a manual solution, i.e. each link has to be added manually. Not good. exists, but I'm not sure if this is really what we want.

+1 for the indexmenu plugin (at least trying it). Allows to use the loads of free space under the current left menu to actually do something useful.

also +1 for the blue bar/button issue. It works randomly and sticks to some category.

Yes, that's pretty much it.

If I then select downloads for example, Documentation would close, and what ever hierarchy was built under documentation would show. It relies on a folder\file structure as displayed in the plugin page, not on the links of the page content.

As an example, right now this page is pretty much invisible unless I select the right page links.

With a menu I can click on Documentation and drill down through the subtopics with out having to navigate all the pages to get there.