[wiki] Missing devicepages

We have quite a bunch (440) of supported devices where we do not have a devicepage available.

That's bad, because the devicepages are intended to be THE source of information for users who want to install OpenWrt on their device.

We could now simply create new devicepages (or skeletons thereof) via https://openwrt.org/meta/create_new_device_page and leave it up to the community to fill them.

My question now is: Should we create those skeleton-pages with the full-fledged template, or rather take the minimal approach?

In the past I have created some minimal pages like the example linked above, just because there was nothing and I considered $something better than nothing. I took the minimal approach in order to not overwhelm the users with template stuff that they don't understand and don't appreciate when all they want is to get some hardware info and installation instructions.

What is your opinion, what should a devicepage look like, what information should it contain at minimum?

I think the full template, even if leaving the page essentially empty (aside from boiler plate), is more inviting to potential contributors. Filling out the template step by step is easy, but adding all the missing entries to the minimal template without messing up the structure (or hardcoding things that should be dynamic) is more scary.