Wiki is sluggish, pages take long time to load

Is anybody else experiencing a dead slow OpenWrt wiki since some days?

Dead slow means: Even simple pages (no datatables or pagequeries) take 6...20 seconds to load.

IMO this started on Wednesday last week when the disk space of the wiki server had been resized.


Have been experiencing the same yesterday.

Sluggish also for me.

(I haven't really used the website much, but tested it after seeing your query)

Up to the point where I get this response:

The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

@thess @stintel Has something changed last week other than the diskspace upgrade?

After a restart of nginx, php and mysql, the wiki seems to react normal again.

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Only the disk size was increased. What DO did behind the scenes is a mystery of course.

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