Wiki: docs/user-guide/openvpn.server

You have a far different ideology regarding wikis that I do not share (as I expressed multiple times in our previous conversation), and the wiki works as written.

  • Wikis are professional documents, or at least they should be, and as such, should be informative and concise.

    • I also believe wikis should be in a standardized format site wide, however, as I stated in our previous conversation, it's unfortunate most don't bother taking the hour or so to read through the DokuWiki plugins, especially the extremely versatile Wrap Plugin

      • Taking the time to layout a wiki with DocuWiki plugins breaks up the monotony of black text after black text. The latter of which is even more important nowadays when people have to create a TL;DR section since reading is [unfortunately] too time intensive for so many nowadays.

  • I will not write wikis in a format that serves the 10% you're clearly apart of and will write wikis in a manner that serves 90% of the people, 90% of the time.

  • How do I know the wiki works as written?

    • Because users who follow the instructions, as written, do not have issues, and repeatedly, when users believe the instructions are the issue, I've repeatedly performed the same exact steps laid out in the wiki and every single time, the wiki works.

      • Every time someone has an issue with this specific wiki (here, on the OpenWrt forum, as well as every other place I link to the wiki), with the exception of a single time when the wiki was ported from OpenWrt, it's always due to user error... every... single... time. And every single time, it's due to a user either not reading, or deviating from the instruction set.

    • If you believe otherwise, I encourage you to follow the wiki, as written, or better yet, if it will stop this, I'll follow the wiki exactly as written, and I'll post the terminal and log output of all steps performed.

If one doesn't want to take the time to read and understand a wiki, especially about something as important as a VPN, which, if configured incorrectly compromises the security of the VPN (thereby defeating the entire purpose of setting up a VPN), perhaps contemplating whether one should be setting up whatever it is they're setting up should be done currently, or when the user has time to dedicate to doing it correctly should be considered.

  • Since you clearly have the internet, why not use a search engine to search for whatever "jargon" you don't understand?

    • Since I'm a bit exasperated at this point at your repeated "jargon" comments, both here and in our prior conversation, I'll break down what you seem to believe is "jargon", which in actuality is relevant information, written in a fairly simplistic sentence:

      • "Easy-RSA does not create secure enough, nor proper, certs & has too many limitations, therefore OpenSSL should be utilized directly via an openssl.cnf"
        • "Easy-RSA does not create secure enough, nor proper, certs & has too many limitations"
          • This is self-explanatory...
            • Easy-RSA does not create secure enough, nor proper, certs: means it does not create secure enough certs with the proper KUs and EKUs
            • ...[Easy-RSA] has too many limitations: means the OpenVPN server, due to an Easy-RSA certificate, will have too many limitations, restricting how a VPN server can be configured.

        • "...therefore, OpenSSL should be utilized directly via an openssl.cnf"
          • This is also self-explanatory...
            • ...OpenSSL should be utilized directly: means openssl commands should be utilized
            • ...via an openssl.cnf: means the OpenSSL config file should be used


There is an introduction... @stangri added one, I edited it to remove the wordiness, then incorporated it into a tabbox with the Purpose being the first tab, Requirements being the second, and then to be helpful, an Editing tab showing how to use vim.

I'd encourage you to read the wiki, as last I checked, users should be warned what not to do if it's important, while being instructed what to do... I'd encourage you to view the headings in the ToC, as your statement lacks rationale and logic.

  • Reading does occur from the top downwards after all...