Wiki contacts: To be further filled

@thess @bobafetthotmail
I updated, to make it easier for users to find the right person to contact regarding site-specific questions. Would you mind adding some way to contact you?
Who else should be added to this list? @jow, @blogic?

What do you think in general of this contact list: Good idea? Bad idea? Not bad, but...?

Bad, use the bugtracker

Not a bad idea, but...

I think we have enough infrastructure already in place which facilitates easy contacting and/or email forwarding. We really don't need this list. No one is on 24hr call you know.

You could mention:

  • Bug-tracker - good place to report problems with our sites (That is ones we have control over - not Github)
  • Forum - best place to send DM to folks if necessary. Email notifications are immediate.
  • Mailing lists - lede-dev is a good start if the conversation is development related.

OK to list our names - just mention the methods for contact from the list above. If it is so urgent to contact someone and you are unwilling to register on the forum or bug-tracker - too bad. I prefer not to have my email addresses plastered all over the place - they are easy enough to get a hold of.- I have for years felt like I am the king-of-spam AND I do have good anti-spam filtering.

It's less intuitive for the general user to look at mailing lists or bug tracker than this link, but I think that thess is correct that the forum mail function should suffice.

I do think that there may be some "generic" contacts that can be added to this list, most importantly one to report the site (forum) is down.

@thess I agree, a direct contact with mentioning the emailadress isn't really necessary.

I changed the list to some more generic way of contact via forum + bugtracker:

@tmomas - good enough. You might want to add Jo to the infrastructure list.

@RangerZ - I think when/if we ever get some live monitoring in place, the folks that need to know will get notified automatically.