"Wiki" category is missing

Say I'm a newbie and I have a question regarding the wiki.
How would I know where to post my question in this forum? I would certainly first scan the categories, but since there is no category mentioning the wiki, I would post my question here, in "Site feedback and other questions".
Is it desirable to create this foreseeable need to move such postings to "Talk about Documentation"?

I have to admit when I posted WIKI Navigation & Menus I was not sure what category to use. Chose site feedback as it was structure, not content.

I think that improving the Section Titles and their content displayed here may be the first place to start as it's the intended opening page. https://forum.openwrt.org/ Can we show more than the 2 lines?

For example Installing and Using LEDE I think would be better as "Installation, Configuration, Usage and Troubleshooting" which then frees up the next two lines for other content. I do not see the need for the word LEDE.

For Development is OK (but not great => Development Issues\Topics\Discussion - pick one), but think that Building could be it's own section (but I don't build SW so...)

For Talk about Documentation could become WIKI Documentation (& Content?)

Community Builds... is dead on.

I think Site Feedback and Other are really 2 things. Site feedback should be technical structure, suggestions for new site features (TOA - Table of Adapters) and bugs on pages, etc.

Other can be Unwanted Hardware and the sorting bin for new categories.

Do you, as admin, have the power to move topics from category to category?

Yes. And a post must have at least 15 characters.

@tmomas & @RangerZ Very shortly (I hope within a week) there will be no "wiki" - the main www.lede-project.org website will simply be the editable wiki, and that serves as the documentation for the project.

At that point, the "Site Feedback" category will absolutely be the right place to ask that question "about the wiki/site".

However, my strongest advice is to Simplify.

As a counterexample of "simplicity", let me offer the OpenWrt forum. It has way too many categories. (For reference, they are News, General Discussion, Developers Only, Community Documentation, Community Releases/Announcements, Hardware Hacking, and (un)wanted hardware.)

Personally, I only read messages in the General Discussion category, since it seems that half of the messages in the other categories are mis-filed. For example:

  • (un)wanted hardware has loads of requests for help unbricking;
  • I think virtually all the messages in Community Documentation are requests not about documentation, but for help solving a problem (which would get a better hearing in General Discussion.)
  • etc...

Back to simplicity... Simplest, would, of course, be no categories. But that would be dreadful, because people want to read the forum for topics that they enjoy/care about, and ignore the rest.

On the other hand, too many categories (e.g., OpenWrt) make it hard for people to choose the right one, so they despair and just dump their question someplace remotely related. This is bad: it pollutes the category with irrelevant items, and also cuts the number of people who see it (and who might be able to provide an answer).

I chose category titles and descriptions that are orthogonal, to help people self-select. ("For Developers" is not likely to be interesting to most newcomers...; "Talk about Documentation" is intended to guide people into asking meta-questions about the documentation, not answering actual questions - those belong in the "Installing and Using LEDE" category; "Site Feedback and Other Questions" is intentionally a grab bag for questions that don't fit elsewhere.)

So... I am happy to discuss category titles and descriptions. But I ask that we not rush to add categories until we have a load of questions piling up in "Site Feedback and Other Questions" that make it clear that a new category is required.

Talk about Documentation -> Talk about Documentation and Wiki

At least temporarily until the site is switched as said by Rich

Well said Rich. It's still young and growing. Probably bigger fish to fry right now anyhow.

Also in the header of the forum a link to the wiki, and in the wiki header a link to the forum.

Not to small either,

The wiki already links to the forum.