Wiki broken link

I'm trying to access some lede-project wiki pages but most of them are broken.
An example:

Is there a backup copy of them? Or i have to use google cache for each of them?

Things are still in a state of flux. is where I go to find documentation. I believe that is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, it's not always a one-to-one map like that.

the LEDE and OpenWrt wikis were merged and things were moved around a bit to accomodate the other articles in the LEDE wiki layout. Articles from the LEDE wiki should all still exist but likely not in the exact same place, some articles from the OpenWrt wiki might not be there (too old or whatever), and will definitely not be in the same place they were in the old OpenWrt wiki.

To find the articles again you can use the start page and then click on links to navigate in the wiki (as linked above) or the search function.

@bobafetthotmail Who is going to take care of the broken links? We have quite some of them, especially linking to old "doc" namespace...

I was hoping they would fix themselves if given enough time. I guess it's not the case. :confused:

Hehehe :slight_smile:
Rule #1: Nothing is going to fix itself, at least not that big amount of broken links we have.
Trusting on the occasional user noticing and fixing it may take an unacceptable long time (read: YEARS). At least that's my experience.

I would take care of all those broken links... if my day had 48 hours.

Luckily I have a day off tomorrow. I will see what I can do to fix the Top50 of the wanted_pages.

Sidenote: It's much easier for admins to fix a large amount of broken links since we can use batch-edit, contrary to the normal user who needs to edit each page separately.

I think admin could log all "not found" pages (on server side) and at least fix the most requested.

I would like to avoid wading through the mess of 404 pages (3000 (!) listed in the stats), since that would take even more time than fixing the links in wanted_pages.