Wiki: Broken link for wireguard-tools package

The page for wireguard-tools package does not exist:

@tmomas, is this a temporary issue?


Just guessing: Maybe because of this error in the packages script log:

wireguard-tools has no package category feeds/base/package/network/utils/wireguard-tools has no package category

@bobafetthotmail can you please take a look?

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seems like the script is failing to read something of that package. I'll look at that this weekend

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ok, the script seems to be fixed now.

wireguard-tools and maybe other libraries with the same problem are under "extra-packages" category, and that is where they are in make menuconfig interface, so that's not a script problem anymore.

I'll have to send a PR to actually give wireguard-tools a category in the OpenWrt repo, it seems they were lost when it was moved from Packages to OpenWrt core.


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