Wiki and ipq807x rename to qualcommax

Ipq807x target was recently renamed in main/master by @robimarko and @Ansuel to "Qualcomm AX" to support other ax chips, and ipq807x was bumped down to a subtarget:

ipq807x/generic --> qualcommax/ipq807x

I wonder how we should handle that in wiki.
23.05 still has ipq807x/generic, but master does not.

Lots of device pages, techdata, flashing instructions and download links should be changed (for master but not for 23.05)

E.g. dynalink dl-wrx36 has complex flash routine, and would need careful update.


Ps. Should the renaming be done also in 23.05 for consistency?

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23.05 is intentionally left with the old name as it is far too intrusive for 23.05 and it will never receive support for ipq60xx or ipq50xx anyway.