Wifi Won't Work

I'm sorry I'm new. Thanks for your help.

So I got OpenWrt on a Rasberry Pi 4 Model B, and I'm having trouble either getting or giving Wifi signal. Below is a more detailed outline:

What IS working:
-Internet via Etherenet cable plugged in (Main Router is Gateway IP with compatible IP on the OpenWrt)
-Installing Software or Upgrading Packages Via Command Line
-Full GUI browser access, but can't get internet while I do it

What is NOT working:
-Getting Wifi from a different router
-Connecting devices to the Rasberry Pi OpenWrt Router

Operating frequency Channel 36, Width: 80MHz
Tried both WPA2-PSK and WPA3-PSK security
Tried both my country code and the default no code
Upgraded the opkg package

Tried installing the following additional software/firmware:

Are we walking about the built in wifi, or an external radio?
If I remember correctly, the on board one comes from Broadcom, not Qualcomm.

You also need to start rasbian once, to get the radio working.

Also worth noting... The Pi4 is an excellent choice for a wired router... but the Pi wifi (all generations) is simply not a viable option for an AP. Yes, it will function, but the performance is terrible. It has a small 1x1 antenna arrangement and a low end wifi chip. The range, multi-user performance, and general bandwidth of the wifi subsystem is seriously lacking and you will be much better off using pretty much any device that is made to be an AP (best are purpose built APs, next are all-in-one wifi routers).


any recommended APs?

Generally anything will be better than the pi wifi. I personally like the Unifi APs.


Currently, RT3200 if you're in UK or US.

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Pi wifi is just for slow low connection, even an old TP-Link 740N can do better.

isn't there range issues with RT3200? and how is the range of Unifi AP 6 Lite?

No matter what you choose, it'll be better than the Pi :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven't heard anything about a range issue, but I don't follow the RT3200/E8450 thread(s) closely.

I'm still on AC, the bw hungry devices are all wired here.

How do I have both OpenWRT and rasbian (debian) ?

OpenWRT isn't a choice from the main startup Pi boot so..
I got openWRT on by flashing the SD card image. but then the whole SD card is nothing but that

Flash a card with Raspberry Pi OS, insert it, perform the initial config including selecting your country/region for wifi. Then pop that card out and use a card with OpenWrt (flasehd as you've already done).

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Ohhhhh, it's not storing the settings on the card itself?