Wifi vlan assignment with sae_password?


So i was reading in a bit into the sae_password option in the hostapd configuration for non OpenWrt.

I was wondering if something like this exists in OpenWrt aswell:

Basicly from what I understand i can use it like:

sae_password=example secret|vlanid=3|id=pw identifier




is sae_password supported in uci format with the parameters or in the version of hostapd itself?, I do know dynamic_vlan and the other options are, but im not sure if sae_password works.

Im running OpenWrt 22.05.0-RC-1

It this what you mean?

If so - yes.


But since VLANs etc. are not assigned to WiFi in this manner in OpenWrt, I'm not sure if you're referencing the remaining syntax: |vlanid=3|id=pw identifier

Definitely read this:

I have not tried it myself or even looked if it works with WPA3.


almost if I use it like this, it shows in uci like:

option key 'xxx'

but that is not really what I want, I have tried using list sae_password 'xxx|vlanid=3|id=pw identifier' but that doesn't seem to work since sae_password can have multiple keys according the githubs commenting.

yup I think that one is the one for now to access more raw options in hostapd via includes thanks :slight_smile:

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