WiFi unreachable/disabled

I just upgraded from an older DavidC build to the latest OpenWRT available to me (OpenWrt 19.07.2, r10947-65030d81f3) on my WRT1900ACS. Been running into some issues I didn't have before.

OpenWRT has a feature that disables the WiFi radio when there is no activity. Which is very nice. However, I have two devices on the 5Ghz band that both do the same. So when I went to bed last night they dropped their connection.

When I turned them back on this morning, they could no longer find the 5Ghz radio, it remains disabled on OpenWRT (unless I manually disable/enable it or reboot the router).

I like the feature, but having to restart the entire network whenever there's been inactivity is quite invasive. On the old build it turned back on by itself once clients started searching for it. Is there something I can do?