WiFi TX dynamic power

I am new to openwrt. I am running the latest version on Asus ax53u.
I see that tx power can be easily modified via command line.
For people that know more about wifi, is it a good ideea to have dynamic WiFi tx power?
Let me explain:
I have 5 mobile devices that connects to the WiFi, and every second i read the assoc list for clients to see what SNR is reported for each.
And if one of them is reporting less that 30, i will raise the tx power to 20. If all of them are closer to the receiver and with a SNR > 30, i am reducing the tx power to 10.
Is this a good ideea? I want to keep the transmission as low as possible when not needed, but enjoy having signal if i am further away in my flat.


How do you change the power automatically?

Via a sh script.
iw dev wlan1 set txpower fixed 1000 sets it to 10 dBm for example, on 5ghz interface.
I am runnig the script via init.d, as a service.

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