I already tried a lot of ways, but none of them worked.
What I just want to do:

Router 1 (main): IP Address:

Router 2 (Open-WRT), Just to get WIFI and share though the lan: IP Address

I have installed the packages relayd and luci-proto-relay.

The model of the router 2 is an TP-Link WR840n V.4

PS: I know that I need to change the router 2 IP, but I restarted the config to default.

If can anyone help, will be very helpful. I know that is a simple question, but I'm stuck at here.

You want to Use your Router 2 as AP?

Is router2 connected to router1 via wifi or lan cable ?

Thanks for you answer, I'd to use like a wifi adapter for a wired computer.

Hi, @Stefan1.

It's Wifi.

Make your Router a repeater, Disable DHCP.

Hey, @UsamaKhursheed.

I already did that. I followed the exactly instructions from this article: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration, but doesn't work.

Is Your PC Obtaining IP from DHCP?

Yes, except during the config when I change back to DHCP doesn't work.

The router 2 (with Open-Wrt) can perfectly connect to my router 1 via Wifi, I can update and install packages. If there is any to connect at least one port for my PC. That's okay.

System > Startup
Stop and Disable: firewall, dnsmasq, odhcp

Hi @tp-link user.
Like I said before.
I already had try the official guide.

Thanks for helping me.

Shows interface network settings and relayd interface

The interfaces page:

I don't know what I did (I also already had turned off the PC and router 2), but it's working. I looked all things and is in a subnet, but it's okay.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

there is no relay interface
add interface > protocol
choose relay

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