Wifi to Ethernet Bridge with VPN Client [Solved]

I'm a newbie with OpenWRT ;-))
I am planning to integrate a measuring device, which is in a separate room, into my LAN in order to log the measurement results. In the distant room, there's Wifi I can use.
I would like to transfer the measurement results over a Wifi to Ethernet Bridge. In order to guarantee security, the transmission is to use a VPN tunnel.
I prefer a small, energy-efficient device.
What can you recommend?

Many thx.

GL.iNet AR300M-Lite (which I own and can vouch for), about 250 mA at 5 V, US$17 -- patches for ath79 target available, comes with OEM-supplied OpenWrt that is closely built on 18.06.1, last I carefully looked, with a well-populated package repo and a functional OpenWrt build system. Boot loader is based on pepe2k's U-Boot and offers a web interface for flashing firmware.

If no longer available, I'd consider the GL.iNet MT300N-V2, or the just-released GL.iNet VixMini (on Newegg Flash right now).

You might want to consider using MQTT over TLS. The mosquitto client and server both work well and are available as packages for OpenWrt.

Many Thx Jeff
This looks great! Is there a device with 2 or more Ethernet ports?

The GL.iNet AR300M16 or AR300M (which has 128 MB NAND as well, as I recall) would be high on my list, but they're significantly more expensive (about $32 and $40, respectively). The AR300M-Lite is a great value.

I haven't used any of the MediaTek devices, so I'm not as comfortable recommending them as I am with devices that I own, or at least chipsets that I've worked with. That said, I've been tempted by the MT300N-V2 several times and it does have two Ethernet ports. There are many MediaTek-based devices that others seem very happy with.

Keeping around US$20 requires either cheap components and production, or intelligent product and engineering decisions. I much prefer the latter! The fewer components, the lower your production costs are and those silly Ethernet sockets are comparatively expensive both by themselves, as well as in terms of board space (per-sq-cm costs) and other indirect costs.

Once above the US$20-40 range, there are many options that offer more than one or two Ethernet sockets. Another option would be a USB Ethernet dongle, which run under US$20 these days from reputable manufacturers.

Excellent. I will try. Many thx Jeff

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