WiFi status after flashing

Hi all

I am currently compiling OpenWrt v19.07.9 in the following configuration:

Target System: MediaTek Ralink MIPS
Subtarget: MT76x8 based boards
Target Profile: Default Profile

Packages added:

Base system > *'wireless-tools'
Network > wireless > *'aircrack-ng'
Network > wireless > *'Optimize for speed'
Utilities > Editors > *'nano'

I am hoping I will be able to leave the router where it is after flashing and not have to move it to my computer to connect to it via a wired connection, so I am wondering if a freshly flashed device will be providing wireless access?

no, it won't by default.

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Damn. Thanks for being the bearer of bad news. :slight_smile:

if you make your own images, you can add the config, enabling wifi from 1st start.


Is it possible to modify a file before compiling so that a wireless access point will be available after flashing?