Wifi statistic where i can see how many packets got retransmitted(retransmission)

is there a possibility to see how many packets got retransmitted on wifi (openwrt)?

What you mean for retransmitted?

when a packet is lost from the router to the device it is sent again

  • cat /proc/net/raw
  • cat /proc/net/tcp
  • cat /proc/net/udp
  • cat /proc/net/<foo>

Most of the files in /proc/net show retransmits.

I was also thinking of

as well but it looks like the stats are for tcp connections with the router (as a host) and not forwarded traffic (routed or bridged).

Then it would be one of the connectracks; but I'm almost sure the SRC is responsible for retransmits (so no such thing exists?).

I'd have to find the relevant RFC to verify.

EDIT: (and this differs between protocols, TCP and UDP definitely - as TCP creates a "virtual" end-to-end "circuit" where all routers on the path "know" the connection exists - i.e. if connectrack == enabled)

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If you want to see wifi level retransmits, rather than TCP level, you need to poke around with iw.

# iw dev wlan1.sta3 station dump
Station 24:f5:a2:ed:58:bd (on wlan1.sta3)
	inactive time:	0 ms
	rx bytes:	1745044444
	rx packets:	2262640
	tx bytes:	2440114894
	tx packets:	2765063
	tx retries:	1914
	tx failed:	1
	rx drop misc:	124
	signal:  	-65 [-69, -65, -72, -74] dBm
	signal avg:	-64 [-69, -64, -71, -74] dBm
	tx bitrate:	866.7 MBit/s VHT-MCS 9 80MHz short GI VHT-NSS 2
	tx duration:	3668856147 us
	rx bitrate:	866.7 MBit/s VHT-MCS 9 80MHz short GI VHT-NSS 2
	rx duration:	0 us
	authorized:	yes
	authenticated:	yes
	associated:	yes
	preamble:	long
	WMM/WME:	yes
	MFP:		yes
	TDLS peer:	no
	DTIM period:	0
	beacon interval:0
	connected time:	16031 seconds
	associated at [boottime]:	1208918.803s
	associated at:	1668874813573 ms
	current time:	1668890844123 ms

thank you! that was what I was looking for!!

is it possible to disable retries function? would like to have loss rather than retries to test something

i could solve my problem with retries by switching all device to 5

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