WiFi Station + AP mode

The official way to fix lost access to an Access Point, after Station losses access to it's AP, is described here: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/ap_sta

The problem with this solution, is that until the router is restarted, Station mode will no longer work, even though access to the Wireless AP, which the station connected to, is restored.

The reason the problem occurs, at least to my knowledge, is that the driver (mac80211nl) will keep scanning to get access back to the stations AP, preventing the AP to have a consistent connection.

With this knowledge, is it not possible to do periodically scan whether access to the stations AP has returned and if so, enable the station (the kernel should try the connection itself). If it cannot connect within a set time frame, disable the station again and wait a set amount of time?

Any feedback is appreciated,

I suggest to create a script implementing required logic and invoke it via hotplug or cron.

Travelmate (package) likely does what you need.

I already have a rough mock-up of the aforementioned logic. I wanted get some feedback whether the logic I have described was already thought about and rejected (as I cannot find any discussions pertaining to this), otherwise, if there is no issues that I missed, I believe this could replace the script that is currently in the Wiki.

Could you share your script? :slight_smile: